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Project 1/15


Being the third biggest developer in Slovakia, company Lucron represents quality, functionality, and sustainability. When carrying out this project, the architect’s primary emphasis was on detail and elegance of the entire space. Urban architecture was introduced in offices together with a balanced structure and attractive elements of wood.

There is more than 1000 m2 of hand-made and hand-laid stone veneer crafted out of a single, quality stone. The demanding and unique production for a space with the height of more than 3 metres was a real, but ultimately successful challenge.

The modern urban style is reflected in the central space, which has been turned into a square. This communication zone with a touch of urban life provides opportunities for meetings and buzzes with busy work life. The acoustic booths with self-recuperation, on the other hand, offer privacy needed for phone calls and focused work. The seating in the area is of three different types (bar stools, soft seating) and enables people to meet just like in a café in the city centre. In the work zones, there are special desks with rubberized matte surface, state-of the-art managerial office chairs and an acoustic screen for each employee. They can choose a closed office when they need to focus, or an open space designed for collaboration and meetings.

Acoustics is one of the main attributes of this space. The whole project was designed conceptually with the view to achieving a good acoustic outcome. High quality LINES II room dividers were used as perimeter profiles embedded in the floor at the level of carpet, as well as on sidewalls embedded in lining. The 3 metres high door also guarantees proper sound proofing.

To ensure good lighting, LAVIGO VTL biodynamic lights were used that can adjust effectively and regulate human biorhythm. Intensity and warmth of light changes during the day in harmony with biorhythm, which results in less stress and better concentration. The lights communicate together via Bluetooth and get synchronized. The whole process is complemented by a quality electrical system with no cords visible on the surface.

/ Architect: Ing.arch.Tomáš Čechvala

/ Photographer: BoysPlayNice

/ Area of 1500 m2

/ Urbanism introduced in an office space

/ 1000 m2 of hand-crafted veneer layup

/ Bio-dynamic lighting

Našou ambíciou bolo zjednotenie materiálov v interiéri, tak aby sa interiér zjednotil do podoby, ktorá mu prináležala pred zásadnou rekonštrukciou v roku 1986 a následnou v roku 1999. Celá rekonštrukcia posilnila výtvarnosť štukových výzdob stropov a pôvodných okenných a dverných výplní v súlade s masívnou drevenou podlahou a solitérnymi prvkami nábytku v dispozícií.
— Tomáš Čechvala, Architect
As an architect, how do you look at a space?
As an architect, I look at the client’s requirements first and then consider them as to the possibilities the given interior space offers. Architecture substantiates dreams, it substantiates future and emotions, and it creates space for work and daily life. Therefore, the final product is a combination of various ideas and possibilities.
What was challenging about this particular project?
We had a very sophisticated client, so the challenge for us was to show we were able to grow and achieve a better result. The new LUCRON workspace embodies responsibility and emphasizes quality. In terms of interior design, it was important to create a space that would have its own, unique spirit. A space you can identify with; a space that leaves an indelible impression on you.
What was the main focus of your project?
We focused on ergonomics and detail, which resulted in a composition of prefabricated elements that fit together naturally and create a backdrop for everyday life with their simple and natural colours.
Which elements of your design would you highlight?
The harmony of materials we used and some details of the atypical features. We were trying to create a comfortable workplace with high quality acoustics and autonomous lighting. As a whole, the interior is a symbol of LUCRON’s new dimension and progress.
What did you want to achieve when designing manager?
The original aim was to create objects that would mark out the individual departments and would be a suitable addition to the overall composition of space. The project consists of two parts. In north section, the office layout represents a traditional form of office life with the exception of the “object” that runs along internal core covering all service areas. The south section is completely different. Generosity of this space is not an end in itself; the theory of flexible office has been purposefully applied here.
Project 2/15


Campus Cowork represents a modern and dynamic environment with all design and spatial elements adjusted to this purpose. Both intense and less intense colours used for the images of a jungle add authenticity to the whole space. Colourful, playful and, at the same time durable products and furniture complement the idea. A lot of people in one place means that durable and quality materials have been used. The multifunctional dimension of the whole space is ensured by height adjustable desks and beautiful, built-in, laminate file and storage cabinet sets. The communication zone consists of comfortable sofas offering space for work, as well as for informal meetings. People can enjoy quality coffee or snacks from the bar with high seating overlooking the relaxation area furnished with high quality Vitra products, especially its workbay focus wall panels made of plastic bottles.

A coworking space needs to be flexible, therefore LINES I room dividers were a natural choice due to their unrivalled assembly speed and the fact that they can be easily adjusted to the changing number of people or teams in such a workspace. The whole area uses an ultra-modern optical system with a view to achieving extra low electricity consumption. The coworking space has linear lighting evenly distributed in all offices. However, people can customize the individual lights to fit their needs.

/ Architect: Ing.arch.Tomáš Čechvala

/ Photographer: Pavel Kudiváni

/ Multi-functional space, durable materials, use of both intense and less intense colours

/ Optical system for extra-low electricity consumption

/ LINES I flexible room dividers

Project 3/15


Kooperativa has been providing professional insurance services for many years. Clients come first, but employees are the company’s key asset. Therefore, we have designed a workplace suitable for quiet work, effectiveness, and development. We managed to create a modern and functional space while preserving its historical spirit and value.

The collaboration with the architect was excellent from the start. She proved to have an incredible touch for harmony of colours and materials. We used several manufacturers, which is always a challenge, but managed to match everything perfectly. The meeting rooms are designed in and elegant style and are dominated by custom-made chestnut wood veneer meeting room tables. They include a specifically designed electricity system and are complemented by functional office chairs.

The reception area was designed in a white artificial stone and a wall with concrete look. We have used polygonal shape that helps highlight this small entrance area. The demanding wall and ceiling lining are made of radial veneer and are fire-proof. Veneer is also used on walls intended to make the rooms feel warmer, especially the relaxation area or meeting rooms where people spend time. LINES I room dividers with wooden elements were used in this space as a part of the attractive design solution.

Lighting is always a challenge in an old building where it is necessary to preserve its historical spirit while trying to implement modern elements. The whole space works with a lighting control system (dimming of the individual rooms/brightness). Due to our precise work and implementation of design, the overall reconstruction was done in a way enabling us to preserve all primarily defined attributes.

/ Architect: MSc. Nastja Dzavik

/ Photographer: Bc. Robo Hubač

/ Fire-proof wall panels with radial veneer

/ Custom-made chestnut wood veneer furniture

/ LINES I flexible room dividers

Project 4/15


Wood & Company is one of the leaders in the local real estate market. The company is a synonym of professional approach, elegance, and sophisticated solutions, so we also tried to offer such a solution. Upmarket brands were used in the designed space emphasizing quality, design, and functionality. We paid particular attention to the harmony and unification of all elements in accordance with the requirements of architect.

Wood & Company is an intersection of past and future. A unique combination of state-of-the-art technologies and a historical building was achieved, thus creating an elegant space made of refined materials such as hand-crafted wood veneer and artificial stone. There is a long reception area made of white artificial stone, as well as several kitchenettes and built-in storage areas. The panelled walls are connected to the staircase connecting two floors. All of it is custom-made.

A sophisticated lighting control system can be found in the whole space. LAVIGO VTL lighting was used as it is biodynamic and can adjust effectively and regulate human biorhythm. Intensity and warmth of light changes during the day in harmony with biorhythm, which results in less stress and better concentration. The lights communicate together via Bluetooth and get synchronized.

/ Architect: Ing.arch.Ivana Kvietková

/ Photographer: Pavel Kudiváni

/ Elegant space, refined materials – custom made design and collaboration with the architect

/ LAVIGO VTL biodynamic lighting able to regulate human biorhythm

/ Use of state-of-the-art technologies in a historical building

Project 5/15


Qubes is an international project of serviced offices in Nivy Tower in Bratislava. It is a co-working space offering flexible workspace for all kinds of companies and projects. The three floors of co-working space reflect modern and functional design offering meeting rooms, closed offices, as well as shared space. The emphasis here was on acoustic comfort, daylight, and clean, fresh air.

It is the first office project in Bratislava using freestanding lighting system and lights, which means there are no lights in the ceiling and no switches. It is a special lighting that can energize us and improve our concentration in the morning and calm us down and prepare us for relaxing after work in the afternoon. The whole room and the desk are lit by lights placed on the floor. Due to presence sensors and daylight detectors, consumption of electricity decreases significantly enabling us to actively participate in saving natural resources. The freestanding lights are an excellent solution for a dynamic co-working space where people need to move desks, people, and even whole teams.

/ Architect: Ing.arch.Tomáš Čechvala

/ Photographer: Pavel Kudiváni

/ First project in Bratislava where only Freestanding lighting is found

/ Acoustic comfort

/ Presence sensor and daylight detector

Project 6/15


Twin City office space is designed for modern companies with a high standard and maximum work comfort.

There are smart acoustic elements in the individual rooms connected to lighting. In the downstairs part of office space, open ceilings with hanging lights were used while in the upstairs part, closed coffered ceilings and effective system solutions were used. This space uses the idea of various elements such as a jungle, water, or earth. These are the collaboration areas for creative work. 100 Framer booths offer an opportunity to work quietly and privately and, at the same time, to be in the centre of all that goes on.

/ One of the biggest projects in Slovakia – 20,000 m2

/ Acoustic elements

/ High standard

Project 7/15


Our goal was to create a space focused on high quality of detail, functionality, and unique, timeless design again.

In the offices, quiet, dynamic and relaxation areas are interconnected contributing to movement of people in the space. Focus rooms are furnished with electrically adjustable desks of the highest standard, acoustic panels and writing boards. The wooden desks have wood décor and amorphous shape with round edges. There is custom made screens lining the work desks and separating each workplace.

/ Meaningful and functional playfulness

/ Timeless design

/ Unusual amorphous shapes

Project 8/15


Avast is a global leader in the area of security and protection of privacy. When designing and implementing the project, we were trying to use the natural predisposition of space in order to create a workspace with good atmosphere and unique nature. There is functional, nicely matched, custom-made furniture made of quality laminate. There are height adjustable desks in the offices with high quality ergonomic office chairs. The design includes modular shelf units separating the individual workplaces from the hall and the public area.

The asymmetric meeting room table used for company events such as company breakfast is a crucial feature. The sofa with in-built electrification and the high backrest chairs are also custom-made. Design and atypical UPis stools by Interstuhl complement the overall design and represent an alternative seating solution for meetings or brainstorming sessions. There are also Framer telephone booths enabling to make phone calls without hearing echo or being disturbed by colleagues, which adds to the overall functionality of interior.

/ Sophisticated and subtle environment

/ Framer telephone booths

/ Furniture functionally matched with electrification

Project 9/15


CBRE operates in the area of commercial real estate and investment. The concept of workplace is informed by company culture. The space is designed in a way enabling its easy adaptability to the changing needs of the company and its employers. We have applied variable zoning of the whole space with quiet rooms for work needing focus, meeting rooms for business meetings, brainstorming sessions, or project development, as well as places providing privacy and relaxation. In addition, the agile concept has been used, which means places where people can meet and work together as multi-functional teams. The offices have a technology controlling CO2 levels in the air, humidity, and temperature.

Premium brands and a combination of unusual features have been used, such as Molo screens made of recyclable materials. You can also find design gems in the individual rooms such as the BuzziPicnic solid wood table creating the atmosphere of home and used for collaborative work. WOOD LINES - I room dividers allowing for a variety of surface finishing of their posts have been used here. They are known for easy replacement for new ones in case of damage, a large variety of glass thickness and their solid construction.

/ New generation office with the use of natural materials

/ Molo screens made of recyclable material

/ Functionally matched furniture with electrification

Project 10/15


Profesia is a well-known technological company and a strong player in the labour market.

When carrying out this project, we focused on modern, playful, sustainable, and flexible interior with satisfaction of employees at its core. The architect used an imaginative choice of materials with backlit flutes milled into compact boards. In the individual meeting rooms, a multi-functional Lego desk system is used. When entering the workspace, you are spellbound by the red reception made of artificial stone, revolving and coloured U-shaped panels and many other ideas making the workspace easy to remember.

/ Sophisticated and meaningful space

/ Imaginative choice of materials

/ U-shaped colour panels

Project 11/15


The spinning mill is a historical, national cultural landmark that has been successfully renovated and offers beautiful, historical and, at the same time, innovative office space.

In addition to the well-preserved spirit of craft, the space is modern with industrial touch. It is divided into collaboration zones with telephone booths placed in the space in a way allowing their maximum use. A new style of metal and wood desks, the so-called Lego system, is used in the individual offices. The combination of four different types of chairs with high quality being their common denominator proves the variability and diversity of this workspace.

/ An oasis of creativity

/ Natural wood and feeling of home

/ Lego desk system

Project 12/15


SBA wants to be the first choice of Slovak companies that want to set up and develop their businesses. As a bank association, the company pays attention to elegance, professional approach, and functionality.

Even though the space is not very large, we still manged to apply creativity and a sensible choice of products. There is a reception area made of artificial stone known for its resistance against abrasion. The reception area leads to a functional space furnished with custom-made laminate units in matching colours.

An atypical and amorphously laid carpet complemented by additional elements dominates the space. Quality multifunctional furniture and equipment has been used in offices, including a large meeting room with folding tables, and refined German chairs. Stylish cushions equipped with a USB-A port for more comfortable work with technologies are another special feature. Upstairs, there is a wonderfully finished patio with wooden and concrete elements.

/ Reception made of artificial stone

/ Atypical and amorphously placed carpet

/ Multi-functional space

Project 13/15


Eset is a globally recognized IT company known for its friendly company culture. We decided to use a combination of quality and design materials such as veneer, artificial stone, metal accessories and a variety of laminate materials decor. Higher standard products are used in meeting rooms to facilitate well-run business meetings. Brands such as Vitra, Arper, Muto and Magis met the requirements of architects perfectly.

WOOD LINES – II room dividers popular for a variety of surface finishing of their posts and easy replacement when damaged were used. Clients can also choose from a large variety of glass thickness. In case of ESET, two types of glass were used – LINES II known for their spatial rigidity and solid construction. LINES-I room dividers are also found here - curved partitions which are also a nice design element.

/ Refined company environment

/ Curved partitions

/ Timeless design

Project 14/15


Rajská project is one of the more demanding ones where atypical solution for partitions was implemented as a combination of a LINES – II product and carpentry.

Finding an elegant solution for different construction elements such as roof structure dilatation depending on snow load or bearing capacity of the construction itself were challenges which we accepted. We decided to embed the perimeter profiles in the floor in combination with large-format natural stone.

/ Roof structure dilatation

/ Large-format natural stone

/ Atypical solution for partitions

Project 15/15


Even this demanding interior situated in a forest did not prevent us from creating a beautiful and timeless design in the heart of nature.

Wood became our key material and was used everywhere where human activity happened. There are exquisite wooden floors, wooden walls with doors and ceilings. Hand-crafted, thick oak veneer creating an impression of boards placed next to each other was used here. The brass furniture features interrupt the individual wooden surfaces of the house and, at the same time, they complement them. The oval-shaped, stump wood veneer ceiling that was hard to create but worth the effort dominates the entrance hall.

Every detail has been thought-out carefully. The kitchen is made of timeless metal materials combined with stone boards. It fits wonderfully in the house and is equipped with modern technology for convenience. The whole space feels warm, refined and yet natural.

/ Oval stump wood veneer ceiling

/ Brass furniture parts

/ Wood, home, warmth


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